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Karen Gibson

If there was a significant performance at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, it belonged to Karen Gibson and her choir.  The “Stand By Me” song has been the most genuine and heartfelt part of the entire wedding.  The entire choir touched the heart of all inside the chapel and around the world.  It was difficult not to shed tears.

At the centre of that performance stood Karen Gibson, the choir leader.  She is a beautiful, tall, grey-haired woman who led her choir like a goddess pouring herself into the world through her musical command.  The expression on her face and her body language spoke of a genuine presence of a divine force.  In the light of the chapel, she appeared like the highest manifestation of the mystery of the world unfolding for the mortals to listen and to capture it.  If there is a true, musical expression of the Goddess, she must look like Karen Gibson.

Karen Gibson’s conducting of the choir was the highlight of all performances.  She was the embodiment of the divine making its presence known.  She had an unforgettable presence.

M. J. Mandoki