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A person decides to start thinking positively.  Things seems to get better in life.  But, then, an application gets suddenly rejected, a job interview goes wrong or a birthday party plan falls apart.  What is happening?  Why does the positive trend stop?

I learned that it actually does not stop.  The story is different.  When a person asks for something specific in life, life wants to bring the best case scenario to the person.  This means that the application gets rejected because there is something better waiting that would be prevented by the application being approved.  The same is true with getting the job or the birthday party plan being successful.  These events would stop the best case scenario from happening.

So, when something does not come together the way one plans it, there is no reason for anger or tears.  It is a temporary setback.  Life is working on bringing something much better to the person.  This means that it is time to continue the positive thinking and keep smiling!

M. J. Mandoki