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I am in the habit of evaluating my year as it comes to an end.  Evaluation does not mean complaining about unfinished projects or unaccomplished dreams.  Instead, it is a chance to see where I am in this life at this moment and to appreciate how far I have come.

How did I do?  I feel great about the year of 2016.  Besides my new publications, I also had a chance to travel to Europe, become a PhD student at Western University and buy a new car. Hence, I have a lot to celebrate!

Yet, I have to say that the greatest accomplishment is the lessons I have learned during the year.  The first lesson is that it is possible to become a successful author.  It really is possible!  It is not just a dream!  The second lesson is, however, that being successful takes time.  Of course, there are the occasional lucky people in the world who get discovered instantly.  (Maybe, I will be one of those soon?!  Who knows?)  But, most authors just have to be patient.  It is one poem, short story, novel or other type of work at a time that most authors succeed.  Basically, the lesson is that patience is as necessary as dedication to succeed.  The good news is that I am willing to honour the lesson and give it time.  Overall, this means that I am now certain of my success, but I am willing to give it time for this success to materialize.

How was your year?  How did you do?  What are the lessons you have learned?

M. J. Mandoki