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I love being a writer.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than reading out loud my favourite quotes from my books and stories.  Here is a list of my favourite quotes from my creative works:

“‘You are cursed,’ she stated with conviction.  ‘Your enemies put a death-wish on you.  You are going to die soon’.”  The Curse, p. 18


“‘In the name of black magic, may the man vanish into thin air!’ Snake joined in the fun.”  The Curse, p. 85


“All right, Professor Snake!  All I can say is that most people in the world are superstitious.  This includes your scientists.  Do you know how many scientists find an excuse not to show up on Friday, the 13th, to work because they believe that something terrible is going to happen? ” The Curse, p. 127


“Yes, it’s him.  We are in business,” he confirmed.  He positioned himself ready to shoot.

“Just don’t blow his head off!” I instructed him.

“Okay.  Just don’t make me laugh then,” he said politely.  The Curse, p. 136


“The word ‘soul’ could not really do justice to it.  It was more than that.  It was an animating principle, a commanding presence, a timeless spirit, an everlasting essence and so much more.” The Hermit’s Journal in Real Life Choices, p. 135


“The revelation stunned me.  Was the long-faced woman a manifestation of God?  Was she The Goddess, the female form of the Ultimate?”  The Hermit’s Journal in Real Life Choices, p. 175


“The smell of baked goods hit my nose.  The golden-coloured, toasted substance with smooth, creamy butter melted on it, emanating its aroma from behind the counter, awakened my desire for breakfast.  I walked up close.  I was amazed to find out that my gynaecologist worked as the sale’s person.”  Lucidity in Real Life Choices, p. 181


“I hate my job.  As many people do, I work for a living.  I go to my workplace because I need the money.”  Transporters Wanted


“Snow?  You mean, outside?” Luna posed the question, surprised.

“Yes, outside.  I’m old enough to remember the time when snow fell and covered the Earth’s poles.  Snow is beautiful.  It sparkles under the sun,” the professor explained.    The Philosophy Assignment: A Life Worth Living


“With every step, colourful flowers fell away from the soles of their feet.  I was speechless and frozen.  The fairies came to dance.”  The Dance of the Fairies


“The demons are simply dragging me down deep enough to entertain my greatest fear.  It is just possible that I am a terrible writer and I am wasting my time!”  The Tormented Short Story Writer

M. J. Mandoki