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Previously, I wrote an article called, “The Art of Revenge (Do not do this in real life!)”.  Interestingly, it has prompted the greatest interest and became my most successful article that I have ever written on my blog site.  It surprised me and prompted me to elaborate on and explain that article.

The question is: Why did I write the initial article?  The answer is stranger than anybody would think.  It is not an inspiration to engage in revengeful actions or an attempt to try to understand the psychological desire for revenge.  The Art of Revenge is going to be the title of my third book.

My number one reason for having written my initial article was to use it in my book.  Yes, in my book.  My character is encouraged to check out the article for revenge.  She is told to read the article on my website to help her plot her revenge.  That was the main reason for writing such an unusual article.  Unfortunately, so many people sent me questions about my advice on how to take revenge that I had to put into brackets my message, “Do not do this in real life!”, to discourage my more revengeful audience from engaging in such an action.  I am stunned to find out how many revengeful people are out there!  The main point is that I am using this article for my character.  I am joining and blurring the line between reality and fiction.  This is one of the special techniques I like using in my works.

The novel is about a woman who plans to take revenge on her cheating husband and his mistress.  Okay.  This may sound like it has been done hundreds of times in the publishing world.  But, this story has place among the revenge books on the shelf.  What is so special about it?  Two things make it special.  First, she is an extraordinarily clever and cunning woman who comes up with a unique plan.  She plans to take revenge in such a way that the mistress cannot prove that somebody is plotting against her.  In fact, the more awful things happen to the mistress, the more the mistress looks like she is losing her mind.  Okay.  I know that some people have also written this kind of work.  But, something else makes this very special.  Since I have a degree in philosophy, I have a special way of tormenting my main character.  I make her feel guilty and create serious doubts about the rightness of her actions.  She is contemplating her actions all the way through, hovering between anger and guilt on the morality and emotional scales.  In essence, I would like to shed light on the difficulty of philosophizing and doing the right thing when somebody finds herself in the midst of her fury.  Also, there are mysterious signs to indicate the path that she should take, which she often ignores.  Yet, despite all the seriousness of it, I am making the adventure filled with comical moments with the opportunity for my audience to smile.  Will she go through with her plan?  Will she do the right thing?  Will it all come together at the end?  We shall see soon.  All in all, this is a unique crime thriller in the making.

I hope, the elaboration and explanation on The Art of Revenge have helped.

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M. J. Mandoki