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Store Picture, May, 2016, 2.jpg

I am starting to be addicted to the feeling of success, which is a great feeling.  My books are in a store in London, Ontario!  No, it’s not a bookstore.  But, this will not dampen my mood.  As an Indie writer, I find it very difficult to find the time to properly market, write and hold onto a fulltime job at the same time.  As usual, marketing suffers as a result.  However, all small victories should be celebrated when my limited time allows me to successfully market my books.  Actually, this opportunity came easily.  I asked a local store owner in Cherryhill Mall, who has a fairly large selection of fiction books in his store, if he would carry my books.  He said “yes” right away.  And,–drum rolls, please!–the books are selling very well!  As I said, I am getting used to the feeling of success.  It’s a wonderful feeling!

M. J. Mandoki