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Open book 1

The title may seem strange coming from a writer.  After all, writers want readers to write book reviews on their books.  So, why would an author want to write and encourage other authors to write book reviews?

The reason is rather simple.  Good books need to be separated from the not-so-good books.  Since there are more than eight million books published each year, a lot of less than well-written and less than desirable books are circulating out there.  With the constant and free presence of social media, any book can be advertised, even the really bad ones.  Hence, the only way to sift through the large pile of more than eight million books is to write honest reviews on books.

Authors have experience in creating books.  Educated and experienced authors are a great asset to the public.  Knowing how to create, shape, mould and finalize a book using a lot of sweat and tears, authors are in a great position to point out those books to the public that are truly magnificent.  For example, I recently wrote a book review on True Magick by Amber K.  I found this book very informative and extremely well-written.  I wanted let the world know about this wonderful treasure.  Of course, a non-fiction book on real life magick may not be of everyone’s taste.  However, the point is not to push a product on every reader.  Rather, the point is to raise awareness about the quality of the book.

I know that the objection may be that writers have very little time as it is.  Most of us have a full-time job or school to attend to in addition to writing books.  However, it is worth putting just a little effort into book reviews.  Basically, if every educated and experienced writer takes the time to write two book reviews for every book he or she is producing, the large pile of eighth million books a year can be sorted out more easily in terms of quality.  All an author has to do is to offer an honest book review on the topic that he or she knows a lot about.  That should not be hard!

Therefore, I am starting a trend of writing two book reviews for every book I contribute to the book market.  I urge all educated and experienced writers to do the same.  Thank you.

M. J. Mandoki