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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Since I wrote about the belief in the power of being cursed in my book, The Curse, I became very interested in people who believe in its power.  Therefore, I decided to occasionally write a short article about individuals or even groups of people who believe or believed that they are or were under the power of a curse.

In this first piece, I will focus on Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee, father and son, who have apparently died of a family curse.  They were both legendary martial artists, appearing in a number of celebrated movies.  Both father and son inspired a large number of people to take up martial arts in the Western world.

Bruce Lee was a direct descendent of a powerful Chinese dynasty with a special link to the Far Eastern Illuminati, a secret society that worships Chinese demons.  Since Bruce Lee was born in the year and hour of the Dragon, he was thought to be very special.  Apparently, the secret society approached him several times during his life, asking him to join, but he refused.  Because of his refusal, a curse was thought to have put upon him with the help of the demons who caused many nightmares during his life before he passed away from Cerebral Edema.

According to the legend, the curse passed to his first-born son, Brandon Lee.  The demons hounded him until he died of an accident on a movie set.  A gun was accidentally loaded with live ammunitions instead of blanks and killed Brandon Lee instantly.  With his death, the curse is thought to have died because he did not have a son to pass the curse to.

Can a person put a curse on someone?  Is it possible?  I deal with this subject in my book, The Curse.

M. J. Mandoki