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Finished 1, ray

I love building hidden clues in my stories that would reveal details that I do not explicitly explain.  In my first book, The Curse, I built in a clue that would reveal the identity of the informant.  The identity is not a crucial information for the resolution of the story, but it is an important element in order to discover another layer to it.  I left the clue well hidden to see how many of my readers would be able to discover the identity of the informant.  I waited and waited and waited…

After hundreds of copies sold, I started to lose hope of anybody ever finding the clue and letting me know the name of the informant.  Then, this past Friday, one of my readers let me know that she has indeed solved it.  Since I happened to meet her in person, she had a chance to see me jump in joy!  Finally, someone solved it!  She let me know the exact place the clue is hidden in the story.  She paid attention.  This made me incredibly happy!

With her permission, I will state her name, here.  So, the first person to name the informant is Brenda VanMarle!  I am very proud of her.  I have to say that Brenda is a focused, sharp woman.  She sells antique furniture for a living and she has great eyes for details.  Apparently, she is good at what she does!  By the way, if anybody is looking for great antiques and collectibles in Southwestern Ontario, she can be reached at mstb@bell.net.  (I am so impressed with her skills that I am advertising her business here for free!).

Brenda really made my day! At the moment,  I am very proud of my skills, as a writer, and her skills, as a detail oriented reader!  I wish more people would notice the clue and let me know who the informant is!

M. J. Mandoki