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Finished 1, ray

My first book is selling really well!

As an independently published writer, it is up to the writer to find marketing strategies that work.  When my first book, The Curse, came out, I read a lot about effective marketing techniques in order to capture my potential audience.  I have to say that most writers push for online marketing.  Of course, I jumped on board, as well.  I created a website at first and linked it up with Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Facebook.  In the electronic age, I found that these strategies were useful to a certain extent.

However, the electronic accounts are just part of the story.  Now, that I work inside a shopping mall where elderly people get together for a coffee every day, I found that online marketing is a limited tool.  A community bulletin board proved this point.  I put up a poster with my business cards to take for the interested readers and I have suddenly had an explosion of interest in my books.  The elderly readers wanted to know the story line.  When they were intrigued, the first question they had was if I sold physical copies of my books.  As soon as I said, “yes” to the question, they all ordered one.  I learned a good lesson about traditional marketing strategies: they work.

Furthermore, I had a lot of praise for my books.  Once these readers’ friends overhead their comments, they also wanted copies of the books.  Hence, word-of-mouth marketing became my number one tool for success in the neighbourhood.

I have to say that I am thrilled that the traditional marketing model works so well!  I started selling a great number of books!  I am over the moon right now!  This was my dream and my dream is becoming a reality!

The lesson is: Do not discount traditional method of spreading the word!

M. J. Mandoki