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New Workplace 2

This week, I started to work at a new site.  I am still working for the same company, but I changed my permanent location.  I would like to share my observations about starting to work at a new location.

  1. It is alright to have doubts about moving on. Even if you no longer like the place you are working at, it is understandable to have doubts about letting the workplace go.  If you work at a location for many years, you get used to the work, the people and the routine.  It is comforting to have expectations about how your days will unfold.  Once you let go of the workplace, this comfort is taken away, replaced by uncertainties.  It is understandable that you may feel nervous about moving on.
  2. It is alright to feel out of place at first. You don’t have a clear vision about the expectations at the new place.  Since you do not have a routine yet, you may stumble around all day, trying to do your best.  At the same time, you have a constant feeling about not producing as much as you normally used to.  If you are a conscientious worker, you will feel like you are under producing and not quite part of the team yet.
  3. It is alright to feel nervous about the new people around you. Firstly, you can’t possibly remember everyone’s name you are being introduced to.  I had to ask for one of the manager’s name three times on the first day.  It did feel a bit awkward.  But, it is part of the process.  Secondly, you may feel a little withdrawn at first, not being acquainted with others.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  People have specific personalities.  Not knowing what these are, you may feel a little shy at first.  After all, you don’t know how people may respond to your personality, style and philosophies about life.  Hence, you need to forgive yourself for being nervous about the others around you at first.
  4. It is alright to make sacrifices in order to work at a better place. I had to take a pay cut, but the place fit my schedule much better now that I am returning to finish my graduate degree.  It felt a bit strange to go down in pay and not up.  After all, I want to advance in every area of my life.  However, thinking about school made it alright to make the sacrifice.  So, learn to be at peace with the sacrifices you make and try to look at your long-term objective, instead.
  5. It is alright to take the time to reorganize your schedule. It may take weeks to figure out the right time to have family get-togethers, to work out at the gym, to read or study and to do your chores at home.  I was nervous about finding the time to finish my next novel and having the time to prepare for a future graduate competency exam.  It was nerve-wrecking putting together a proper schedule.  Finally, I just had to realize that I needed to give it time.  Some planning is necessary, but, as long as you make an effort to have time for what is important in your life, things will eventually fall into their proper places.  Hence, take the time to find the right schedule.  Don’t panic and don’t rush it!

These are my observations so far.  New workplace presents itself with new challenges.  But, it is worth going for something new in order to advance in life and bring about a better and more peaceful existence.

M. J. Mandoki