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Hard Work 2

People say success requires hard work.  But, does it really?  According to the dictionary definition, hard work is a “great deal of effort and endurance”.  According to Jack Busch, hard work is what a person does after he or she puts in the ordinary effort required for daily life, such as going to work, doing the chores, paying the bills and taking care of loved ones.  Ryan Sievers states that hard work is a mental effort; it is “about doing something that may not directly inspire you but that is necessary for you to achieve your goal”.  All in all, the achievement of success seems to be equated with some very unpleasant, exhausting and arduous journey.  Is this really the case?

I believe that this the wrong way of looking at success.  Hard work leads to exhaustion, not to success.  I believe that success actually requires easy work.  How so?  Success is the result of passion realized inside the person.  The passionate person cannot wait to do what he or she is passionate about.  For example, a passionate young athlete can hardly wait for his classes in school to be over so that he can go to the gym and start his training.  Or, a scientist does not want to leave her laboratory at the end of the day because she is passionate about getting to the breakthrough point where she can find out how to cure a deadly disease.  A passionate person never really works hard.  He finds energy that he has already run out of a while ago and time she does not have in her life.  A passionate person believes in him or herself.  The passionate person wants to realize the dream that is already a reality inside.  The passionate person simply manifests faith in that reality that lives in the mind and heart.  This is not hard work.

Hard work is present when faith is missing and success looks very far out of reach.  It looks like one has to endlessly toil to get there.  The person drags himself through the process and wishes it would be over already.  He does not enjoy the process.  Long hours, too much effort and lots of sacrifices!  It is so incredibly exhausting!  Hence, it seems to him that success requires hard work.

Don’t work hard!  Find your passion and it will be easy!

M. J. Mandoki