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Why is change difficult, but welcome anyway? What happens when someone changes? Is change worth the trouble?

The word “change” sparks both the emotion of fear and the emotion of excitement in most people. People fear change because change brings an unknown element to life. The trusted and tried fulfills expectations. The familiar, everyday of the known is comfortable for the mind. When change happens, this familiar, everyday cycle is broken. The expectations of what is known is no longer present. An unknown future lies ahead. This fear of the unknown raises is ugly head that the trembling heart understands all too well.

Of course, there is some excitement. The familiar, everyday of the well-known world that is the source of boredom is suspended. The mind is faced with new bombardment of stimuli. Attention is heightened. The person’s trembling heart is filled with the spark of hope for something better and more significant waiting in the unknown. Hence, change can bring both a heightened sense of terror and the heightened sense of hope in the heart.

Furthermore, change can also bring consequences along that might be difficult to bear. A changed person is unfamiliar to others around. Their expectations of seeing a person that they are familiar with is broken. Since the person no longer fulfills their expectations, they turn away. They walk away. It seems that change causes loss, a type of void, that might be difficult to bear–at first. However, with the passing of time, this void is filled by new people who are attracted to this changed person’s world. Life readjust itself. A better and happier future arrives.

Hence, it is worth making changes. Small or big, a person needs to take chances with life. With terror and hope in the heart and with the agony of a temporary void, the person needs to push ahead. After all, life is too short to be stuck on the same treadmill, endlessly cycling over to produce the same results.

So, go ahead and make a change today! It’s worth it!

M. J. Mandoki