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Inspiration 1

Where does inspiration come from?  No, I am not talking about the energy that takes to be inspired.  I am talking about the idea, the concept, the thought or the vision for the inspiration.  Where do people find inspiration?

Writers often believe that they come from everyday life.  But, what does it mean for sources to be rooted in everyday life?  It’s true that human beings have an average of 4000 thoughts per day; that, unless one is hermit, there are numerous conversations people take part in every twenty-four hours; and, that almost all souls manage to get out of the house on the daily basis.  Everyday life may offer numerous sources of inspiration.

Yet, some people say that, despite all, they are uninspired.  They do not see any sources that would give them inspiration for new ideas, new designs or new art works in their very dull everyday lives.  Why not?  Why don’t some people discover sources of inspiration, while others do?  The solution may lie in the word “dullness” when it comes to everyday life.  Some people’s lives are too dull, too repetitive and to straightforward to have new material to spark the imagination.

What is the solution?  Obviously, people need to get away from the dullness of life.  There are at least two ways of doing it.  Firstly, it is possible to meet a variety of people.  This realization came to me the other day when I went to listen to a presentation at the university before going to work.  The professor’s talk was entitled “The Boundary of Nature”.  The presented theory was a mixture of philosophy, science and psychology.  It was interesting and deep.  After the talk, I went to work where my coworkers were arranging a game of Dungeons and Dragons for the weekend.  One of my coworkers loves to organize games of all kinds.  He has organized mediaeval feasts, Mystery Room visit and, of course, board games before.  At evening times, I read a book by a spiritually inspired author on her spiritual practices and alternative philosophy.  The result was the realization that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people with a variety of interests.  Listening to all of them gave me ideas for my next few books that I am working out in my mind.

Secondly, it is possible to have a variety of interests.  People who only go to work to do repetitive tasks and go home to sleep may have little resources to get their imaginations going.  However, this changes with an increase of interest in different things.  People who have hobbies, go to shows, visit theaters, join clubs, read books and watch television have a lot more to work with.

Does it mean that everyone has to be an extrovert?  No, it definitely does not mean that.  Introverts can also have solitary hobbies, good books and a few good friends.  The point is to be interested in looking around in the world.  The reward is the ability to find new sources of inspiration, which allow people to work out problems, create new artworks and find unique solutions at their workplaces.  Of course, this can help to gain a healthier life, new readership or a promotion.

M. J. Mandoki