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Calendar 2

Having spent the day with my family, I asked them about the year that has just passed.  “How was 2015?” I asked my mother.  She smiled politely for a few seconds.  Then, her smile faded and she started up…her complaints about the year.  She listed everything that went wrong.  Eventually, after a long while, she fell silent.  It was just about time because I was ready to interrupt her seemingly endless list of complaints.  “So, what went right?” I asked somewhat hesitantly.  “I don’t know,” my mother answered, apparently uninterested in thinking about anything positive that may have happened.

This experience made me think about accomplishments.  I curled up by her fireplace and started to make a list of my own accomplishments.  Here is the list.  I published my book, “Real Life Choices” (2015).  I entered four short story competitions.  In one of these competitions, I made it into the top group.  This means that my story, “Just Business” was published by Polar Expressions, in a collection of short stories called Wherever We Roam (2015).  I created a Goodreads account and a Twitter account.  I increased the number of friends, contacts and followers on Facebook, Linkedin and WordPress.  I started writing my next novel.  I also wrote 23 poems and 75 blogs.  I handed out hundreds of business cards to people who were curious about my books.  I began the process of returning to graduate school to finish my PhD.  I have read over a dozen books.  I am close to completing a happiness project for the year.  Have I mentioned yet that I also work a 42 hour/ week full time job?

I ended my contemplation on my accomplishments with a great feeling.  It was, and still is, so wonderful to recognize the things that I did and went well!  It is so much better than creating a list of complaints.  My accomplishments made me realize that I don’t mind doing as much as I do because I love them.  I love the English language, even though it is not my first language, and I love writing and reading.  I am happy being a writer and a reader.  My list of accomplishments also makes me appreciate the fact that I spent the year well doing what I love!

So, what are your accomplishments?  Have you made a list, yet?  Are you happy with your list?  If you are not, what are you going to do differently to make sure that you will be happy with next year’s list?

M. J. Mandoki