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Most of the short story contests are held at fall time.  It is a great time for any writer to shine!  I know that some people have a hard time writing shorter stories.  The word limits are usually between 750 words and 4000 words.  Yes, the word limitations can be tough.  The plot has to be simple because there is no space for complex turn of events or character development.  A writer has to be creative.  However, it is worth trying to submit one or two stories.  The reason to submit is simple.  It is a test to see, if the experts like the story.  Chances are that, if the experts like it, the public may like it.  Hence, it is a great challenge to take on.

In Canada, the best contest to get into is the CBC Short Story Prize.  I also entered shorter contests last year, as well.  The most enjoyable one is the contest held by Red Tuque Books, often referred to as the Canadian Tales Short Story Contest.  This year the theme is tales of the heart.  Outside Canada, one of the most prestigious contests to enter is the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition.   The usual required length of the story is 1500 words.

Some places hold other types of writing competitions, as well.  Both the CBC and the Writer’s Digest hold poetry competition, for example.  Writer’s Digest also has a general writing competition that includes essays, biography, popular and literary fictions.

So, writers, let’s get into the story time!

M. J. Mandoki