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“The key to success is determination,” is a common expression that is proving to be true in my life.  I entered five short competitions in this past year.  I kept going even though I knew that many other people participated, as well, and the chances of getting good results, statistically speaking, were slim.

Well, my determination is paying off.  I just received a letter from Polar Expressions Publishing that my entry has made it to the top group.  (Since I am still in the running for the top prizes, I cannot reveal the title of my story.)  Not only am I in the top group, which in itself is an achievement, but my story, along with the top 250, will be published in their short story collection, Whereever We Roam, by the end of this year.  The collection will also be sent to the National Library and Archives Canada for preservation in Canada’s documentary history.  So, I am not only an independently published author now, but a traditionally published author, as well.  This makes me incredibly happy!

I have to say that the good old saying that the key to success is determination is true.  I am determined to be a successful writer.  I do everything I can to make it happen and, I am starting to have great results.  I recommend this approach to everyone else.

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M. J. Mandoki