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I have run into a few people who told me that they wanted to write a book…one day. Apparently, they have the idea and the desire to write, but they postpone it anyway. I have to say that this is the biggest mistake want-to-be writers do.

There seem to be two great reasons for the procrastination. Perfectionists use the reason that they are not ready. They want to read books about how to write a book and take writing classes. Surely, if a person has no experience in writing, some preparation might be necessary. For example, I had a background in essay writing, but not in creative writing. Hence, I read a book called Teach Yourself Writing a Novel by Nigel Watts (2006). Then, I started to write. The problem with perfectionists is that they want to be perfect novel writers before they ever write a novel. Basically, they want to over prepare. In reality, there is no such thing as being a perfect writer. Nobody is ever perfect, not even the writers who have been doing it for years.

The second reason people postpone writing a book is that they claim that it is not the right time. They are too busy. They have small children or parents to care for. They have to worry about their careers. They have a new house that is waiting to be renovated or decorated. They are busy and the time to write is not now. Or, they don’t have the money to hire cover designers and editors. They do not have money to take time off work to write. Or, they are not in the right state of mind. They are stressed out. They can’t focus. They are not inspired at the moment. Excuses after excuses! The fact is that there is no right time to write. The conditions will never be perfect to start. If they wait for the perfect time to write, they will be waiting forever.

The secret to writing is to start, whether the writer is ready or not. One will never be perfect enough and the circumstances will never be ideal to write a book. Therefore, the person might just start writing. How about today?

M. J. Mandoki