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Whether my stories take place in London, Ontario, Canada is the first question most people ask about my books. It makes sense. I live in London, Ontario. People in the city want to know, if my fictional characters are local. The answer is “yes”. Some of my stories do take place in the city. Most notably, in the story of The Curse, I make mention of York Street. The following are short excerpts from my story. (I deliberately left out some parts, not to give away the story line.  I also took these pictures at winter time).

“We agreed to meet at the corner of Wortley Road and York Street…”

“…in front of the cat clinic between the paint store and the bird-and-garden store.”

“After I hung up, Snake and I exited the building…west on York Street.”

“Snake looked a little bit nervous carrying the oversized gym bag on his shoulder because several police cars whizzed by as we walked toward our destination. I tried to calm Snake by putting on a sarcastic smile and rolling my eyes every time a police car passed us. I walked deliberately slowly not to create any attention. We passed the tire repair shop and the glass and mirror store…”

“We reached Thames Street…”

“Soon, we found ourselves in front of one of the most exquisite restaurants on the Thames River.” (It is true. Michael’s On The Thames is one of the most high-scaled restaurant you can find in London, Ontario. They have excellent food!)

“As we passed over the Westminster Bridge, I saw Snake relaxing his body…”

“Next was the Cat Clinic. We stopped in front of it to wait for Ricky.”

“As we waited, I walked over to the paint store. A poster of a landscape with buffalos and deer hung inside the window…”

“Ricky arrived in his ancient, rusted-out truck from Wortley Village, turning into the plaza in front of the auto care. I got in next to Ricky and, Snake squeezed in by the right hand side, putting his bag on the floor. ‘Did you get the bullet in?’ Ricky asked us as soon as the truck’s door closed.”

Although most of the descriptions are accurate in the story, I have to say that, unfortunately, the pub, I named “The Devious Lord”, does not exist. In reality, there is a condo building in its location. However, there used to be pub at this location about a decade ago. It was torn down and the new condo building was erected in its place. I’m sorry. The pub is fictional.

I hope this helps to answer the question about the locality of some of my stories. It’s a nice area.  Make sure you visit it, if you ever come to London, Ontario, Canada.

M. J. Mandoki