As I said in December, I decided to do a happiness project, which entails that I do something unusual, strange or outright silly every month that I would normally not do. For the months of June and July, I experimented with past life regression.

Past life regression experiment is done using visualization technique.  There are a few different kinds available in a variety of books and the internet.  I used one of the simplest kinds.  I visualized walking into a room where there were two doors.  The left led downstairs to another room where I could watch my past life on a movie screen.  The other room on the right led outside, into a garden.  I stood in the middle of the room to contemplate on the door I should go through.  If my intuition told me to go right, I stepped outside, into the garden, and ended the visualization.  If my intuition gave me the go-ahead, I went through the left door and walked downstairs.  Downstairs, I sat down on a chair and took the time to further consider returning upstairs or going through the door to the movie theater.  Once I felt that I could watch the movie, I went inside.  I reminded myself that it did not matter what I was about to see on the movie screen, I was still safe.  I sat down and visualized a dark screen where my birthday and my place of birth appeared with white letters on the screen.  After, I waited for images to follow the white letters.

I spent two months on this project because my mind told me to exit to the garden most of the time.  I am not certain whether it was fear or intuition that stopped me from proceeding with the movie watching of my past lives, but I managed to see images only a few times.  The images consisted of a few short motion pictures and feelings.  I saw myself once as a little girl with blond hair and ponnytail.  I have never had blond hair, so it surprised me.  In another picture, I saw myself running in a long, blue-coloured silk dress.  I was in a garden, at night.  I saw the full moon behind a branch.  I was running for my life.  I had the impression of being in a 17th century setting.  Another time, I saw myself as a gypsy fortune-teller with horses and carriages around.  It seemed to me from the medieval times.  The most shocking images came from a temple.  I stood in a temple with people watching me.  I had a dark robe on with stars and moon on it.  The problem is that I perceived myself as a woman.  I have difficulty understanding this image and the time period this would belong to.  All in all, this was an interesting experiment even though I perceived very few images during my many trials.

What did I learn?  The mind is powerful and can come up with interesting and unexpected messages.  I am not certain that they are from past lives, even though I do believe in reincarnation.  However, they were very vivid pictures and had nothing to do with my current life.  At the end, I am not concluding anything from this experiment about my own past lives.  I believe, I would have to do this for a number of years to be more certain of the veracity of the images.

Next month, I will attend a club meeting that I would never attend.  I am thinking of a hobby group that I know nothing about.  Perhaps, I will show up at a knitting group get-together or in a bingo hall.  I am not certain, yet.  I just want to show up at the most unlikely place I can find in the city.

M. J. Mandoki