I would like to say a few words about my collaborators, now that my new book, Real Life Choices, is up on amazon.com.

Two people gave me tremendous amount of help in creating my covers for the book. First, my nephew, Anthony Santa, who is just twenty years old, did the illustrations for both the front and the back covers. He is a tremendous talent. I can’t believe how good he is with a pencil and paper in hand. Second, my coworker, Ray Barnicoat, is incredible when it comes to cover design. He is a semi-retired man in his sixties who is better than most young people in terms of his computer skills. His hands are magical. He was capable of taking my nephew’s black and white drawings and add amazing colours to them to make them come alive.

When the proof copy was in my hand, they both had wonderful reactions to it. Ray was all smiles. I could feel the pride and joy, as he watched his hard work on the covers. Anthony wanted a hug from his aunt right away. I was so proud of my team! They are wonderful! I can’t thank them enough!

As a writer, I can feel really blessed to have some amazing people around me. They are talented, hard-working and full of joy and pride. Thank you, guys! Truly!

Here are the pictures for the front cover. The black and white picture is the original drawing and the colour picture is the final product.

If anybody needs to borrow my talented team, please, let me know.

Black and white drawing

M. J. Mandoki