One third of the year has gone by. Time does not seem to slow down. In fact, it speeds up with age. Because of this awesome speed the year seems to be whizzing by, I decided to take a moment to reflect on this year. What happened so far?

I had a feeling that this year was going to be a great one. I have to say that my expectation has brought great things into my life. Firstly, I finished my second book. It is coming out in a matter of weeks. This made me incredibly happy! Secondly, I sold more of my first book than I originally thought I would. People are interested in buying it in greater and greater number. Thirdly, I started writing my next book. I love getting into a new story. Nothing makes me happier! Finally, family friends from Europe have recently visited and they took a copy of my first book back with them. Now, I am getting e-mails from Europe asking about my book. All in all, the year has been great to me so far!

I anticipated this year to be a great one and it has become great. I also anticipate the rest of the year to be great and I am certain that it will be. I guess it pays to be positive. How was your year so far?

M. J.  Mandoki