As I said in December, I decided to do a happiness project, which entails that I do something unusual, strange or, outright silly every month that I would normally not do. For the month of April, I decided to do affirmation on luck. I repeated that I was lucky, at least, a hundred times a day to see if it makes any difference.

I have to conclude that affirmations work. Repeating that I am lucky, a large number of times, actually, made me lucky. How does it work? I have to say that I am not entirely sure. Metaphysically, I would have to say that it is karma. Thoughts have power to affect reality. What I put out has a ripple effect and comes back multiplied. This is my personal belief. However, I realize that not everyone believes in such a reality. For the skeptics, I am able to come up with some alternative explanations. Firstly, the idea of being lucky offers hope. Hope offers positive thinking and attitude. Others notice a positive person more and they are kinder and nicer as a result. Secondly, the hopeful and optimistic person’s radar is up; she is noticing good things around her. Opportunities arrive faster this way. Finally, a person who believes in luck takes more chances. More chances allow for a higher rate of success.

I have to point out that emotions do affect results. There were days when it was harder to repeat the affirmation or get into it. On those days, I had difficulty attracting any luck. At times, I even gave up and decided to start over the next day.

What kind of luck did I attract? I certainly have not won the jackpot on the lottery; otherwise, I would be writing this blog on a sunny island or on a high-mountain. Instead, I am at home in front of the computer. The lucks I had were somewhat more modest. I always got the green lights and the dangerous drivers stayed away. I found small amounts of change wherever I went. I won a few dollars on the lottery more frequently. I sold more of my books than usual. I received small gifts from friends and family. I got invited to places. Generally, life seemed to have gotten better.

I advise everyone to try this method. It may take some time every day, but the result is worth it!

Next month, I will go to an aikido class. My coworker talked me into it. I have never tried anything like this in my life. It should be fun!

M. J. Mandoki