As I said in December, I decided to do a happiness project, which entails that I do something unusual, strange or, outright silly every month that I would normally not do. For the month of March, I chose to practice remote viewing. Remote viewing is a psychic technique where one focuses and tries to figure out the physically remote location and activity of a particular person.

I practiced this technique with my husband. During my break times at work, I tried to focus on where he was and what he was doing. I texted him to explain him the images I saw in my mind. Sometimes, I had images and other times I just had hunches. I was not entirely certain whether it would work, but I did not take the exercise too seriously. After all, this was a happiness project and the whole point was to have fun.

Once my husband received the message, he texted me back to explain where he was and what he was actually doing. The great thing about his job is that he is currently a delivery driver with no set schedule. He receives his calls from a dispatcher during his work hours. His location is unpredictable and varies from moment to moment. He delivers for about fifteen different restaurants in the city.

How did I do? Overall, I did surprisingly well. Fifty percent of the times, I was able to correctly identify parts of what he was doing or where he was located at. Here are some great examples. I told my husband that I saw him getting a call from Barakat restaurant and going to the address of 875 Black Friars Street. He was on another delivery at the time. A few minutes later, he texted me back that he received a call to pick up food at Barakat restaurant and deliver it to 341 Black Acres Street. To cite anther example, I told my husband that he was picking up at Wok Box restaurant and taking the delivery to 1265 Adelaide Street North. I had the right restaurant and the actual address was 1235 Adelaide Street North. The most spectacular example involved the same restaurant. I told him that he was going to get a call to go to Wok Box restaurant and deliver it to 646 Talbot Street. A few minutes later, he received a call and was told to pick up from Wok Box restaurant and deliver it to 666 Talbot Street.

Do people have psychic ability? Can they see distant things and people that are out of range? Based on this brief experience, I can say that people do have dormant abilities. They are dormant because most people do not use them. Some people dismiss the ability outright without trying it first. Some people are just too afraid to try using it. Whatever the reason is, most people are not practicing to develop it. Of course, nobody can use something proficiently, if the person refuses to practice it first, just like nobody can ride a bicycle, if the person refuses to get on and start pedaling.

I would like to add a note to this analysis. I tried to use remote viewing and spot my husband remotely in the present. Yet, it did not work out perfectly. I seemed to spot him most of the time in the near future. This means that I must have precognitive ability and orient myself toward the immediate future knowledge of a distant event, instead of the present situation. Still, this exercise impressed me so much about the ability of the human mind that I decided to keep practicing. I would like to know how far I can take this ability. Basically, I would like to see how accurately I can learn to predict a distant event.

What I would really want to learn at this point is if anybody out there has ever tried to develop any psychic ability. Have you tried anything? Did it work? Please, let me know. I am very curious.

Since I am very impressed with psychic abilities right now, I will try something similar next month. I will see how strong the mind is. Starting April 1st, I will repeat one hundred times a day that I am lucky and write this statement down at least twenty five times. I would like to see, if my philosophical conviction is correct that the physical world is mind dependent. I will keep a journal to see if the constant affirmation of a statement, repeated a large number of times for thirty days, makes a big difference. I do believe in the power of affirmation, but I never tried repeating it so many times a day. I will see if it works or I just end up driving myself crazy.

M. J. Mandoki