On Tuesday morning, Flight 9525 took off in Barcelona, Spain heading to Dusseldorf, Germany. Hundred and fifty unsuspecting souls had plans and lives to live. Fifty-three minutes later they were dead, amongst them sixteen teenagers and two babies who barely started out their lives. They probably did not know they were going to die until the last few minutes, or even less than that time. This made me think about the fragility and mystery of life. It can be stopped and over so suddenly! My contemplative thoughts led me to ask the question what would happen if we only had minutes to live. Try out this exercise. Imagine that you have one minute to live. You have a piece of paper and a pen in your hand that will make it through the airplane crash. Start the clock and start writing. When the minute is done, stop writing. What did you have to say and whom did you address it to? Was it to some Divine Power? Was it to your family? Was it to humanity? What was the message? Was it an advice? A declaration of love? Asking for forgiveness?

My message contains a message of love to my husband and family, asking them to take care of each other and learn to go on and be happy without me. I also spoke to the Divine Mysterious Power of the Universe, telling her that I hope I lived a valuable life and that she would help me get to wherever I am going when I die.

After I wrote my message, I thought about this a little more. Although the message seems to be very satisfactory, it is odd that I wrote it as a goodbye note. After all, I have a chance to say these things now. I believe that this is an inspiration to take the courage and tell my husband and family how I feel about them. It is also an inspiration to ask the Divine Power what I can do to live a more meaningful life. Of course, this does not mean that I do not currently live a meaningful life. It simply means that maybe I can do something more or something differently.

Read your message. Does the message contain something you can currently say or do? Take the courage and say it to the people you love or the power you believe in! Or, do the things you really want to do! Or, forgive, sing, be happy, complete your bucket list… Do it now! Don’t wait until you are down to the last minute!

M. J. Mandoki