The common advice is that you have to believe in yourself, that you have to have faith. This is the advice you will hear whether you are about to have a new career, start a new project or change your entire life. But, what does it mean to have faith?

According to the dictionary definition, having faith is associated with three meanings. The first meaning has to do with believing in God or a religious doctrine. The second meaning tells you that it is about having “confident or unquestioning belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing”. The final meaning connects it to loyalty or allegiance. Although all three meanings may be valuable to contemplate on, it is the second meaning people’s common advice about having faith is most closely associated with. The idea is that you have to believe something for it to become true, something that has yet to pass. You have to trust that it works out, despite the fact that you have no concrete evidence that it will and you may not even know exactly how it will work out. Does that sound scary?

This is the point where skeptics usually jump into the conversation with their mantra: “I believe it when I see it”. The problem is that this type of thinking hinders success. If a potential long distance runner requires to see first that he run a marathon before believing that he can, he may never start training. If a student first requires to see the university diploma granted to him by his school before he starts studying for the exams to succeed, he will not open the book. If a young woman first requires to be granted a religious title before she can believe that she is able to become part of a religious clergy, she will never embark on the journey. You cannot see first in order to believe. It works vice versa. You have to believe it in order to succeed, so you can see it. Therefore, faith is necessary.

Do not be mistaken! Everyone has faith. If you feel like you are not a believer, you are wrong. There is no faithless person in the world. The question is: What do you have faith in? Do you believe that life is hard, fate is punishing you and you are a failure? If you do, that is what you have faith in. The problem is for you that life is just. Life delivers what you believe in. Your life mirrors your belief, just like a pristine mountain lake mirrors the image of the mountain next to it. What you see in your life is what you believe in. You do not like what is in your life?! Well, it is time to change your belief; it is time to have faith in something different. You may ask what the proof is that it can be different. Remember, faith in something comes first before you see the result. You cannot run the marathon first before you believe that you are a great long distance runner.

Are you ready to have a new career, start a new project or change your entire life? It is time to start believing in it. Start by visualizing that you are already doing it or say it to yourself in front of the mirror. If it becomes real in your mind, it becomes real in the world. Do not worry about the details. If it becomes real enough, your mind will prompt you to act it out. The image becomes so real that you cannot help, but send your resume to that dream job, present your new project to your boss or, start a new life altogether. The pristine mountain lake now reflects the new image of the mountain on its surface; it cannot do otherwise. So, go ahead and start!

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