I find it fascinating that so many people seem to show interest in one of my upcoming short stories as soon as I tell them that there is a tale about a ghost in it.

Despite the fact that philosophical materialism is so dismissive about psychic phenomena, the general public seems to be endlessly fascinated with them. According to a recent Harris Poll, about 44% of the population believes in ghosts. The Atlantic reports that people’s own experiences or culture fuel the belief. Of course, the philosophical materialists argue that the belief can be explained by hallucination, but people are skeptical about this oversimplified explanation.

In general, the oversimplified explanation does not work well in a lot of cases. There are four general factors that need to be taken into consideration in relation to ghosts. First, there are collective apparitions where more than one person can see the ghost at the same time. My mother and my grandfather had this experience. One evening, they both saw a family member as a ghost entering the room. Neither said anything until he disappeared. They confirmed their vision to each other afterward; they did see the same image. The ghost was a family member they thought was alive. The next day, they received the news that he passed away the night before. Second, different people at different times can see a ghost at the same place. This place is said to be haunted. One of the best examples for a haunted place is the Tower of London in London, England. Many people have claimed to have seen Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII, who was beheaded in 1536. Third, people may see their loved ones close to their time of death. These are crisis apparitions. My mother and grandfather’s ghost sighting is also an example for this type of sighting. Finally, an informative apparition can give valuable knowledge to a person about something that a person may not have known otherwise. Finding a will of a person he left behind hidden away, its whereabouts revealed by his apparition, is a good example. Overall, the point is that an oversimplified explanation from philosophical materialists who just blame everything on hallucination does not solve the problem. People are continued to be puzzled by the ghost phenomenon. I bet that every family has at least one such puzzling story the members cannot explain by hallucination.

This is the reason that most people turn to alternative sources. If materialist-minded scientists do not take their experiences seriously, they need to seek answers elsewhere. Art is a good place to turn to. There are endless stories about ghosts in literatures and movies. No wonder that the movie Ghost (1990) made over $217 million in the US alone.

This means that I am not surprised when people are showing interest in my short story with a tale of a ghost in it. The protagonist struggles with a sighting, which may have been a ghost. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out the nature of the lady he meets on the snowy mountain. I guess that it is advantageous to write stories with a ghost mystery in it!

M. J. Mandoki