I am in the habit of reflecting on the year past at Christmas time and making plans and new year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve.  Since it is Christmas, I spent the day reflecting on my life this year.  While reflecting, I was genuinely surprised about the number of things I managed to accomplish in 2014.  First, I wrote the second half of my novel, The Curse, in 2014, which amounts to about 80 handwritten pages.  I typed up the entire work at spring time and worked on the publication of it at summer time.  The book was eventually published on October 1st, 2014.  Second, I entered three short story competitions this fall.  Third, I set up a Facebook account and a Linked In account this year.  My Linked In account has more than 400 connections.  Fourth, I created a website and began to write blogs regularly.  Fifth, I took a private investigator course, passed the provincial test and received my private investigator licence.  I also applied to a number of places for a job on this field (with no luck, yet).  Sixth, I wrote an academic paper for a conference, traveled to San Francisco, U. S., and presented the paper.  Seventh, I have completed about 90% of my second book.  Eighth, I recently signed up to Foap and started taking pictures with my cell phone and upload them with the purpose of selling them on Foap.  I am simply amazed at the long list of accomplishments, especially, because I did all these things on top of working 42 hours a week, full-time, job.

How did I manage to get all these things done?  It is simple: I love doing them.  I love writing, researching, investigating and, taking pictures with my camera and phone.  My love for all these things makes me want to keep doing them, no matter how tired I am.  I sincerely hope that my natural ambition pays off in 2015!

What are your accomplishments this year?  What are you proud of?  Have you reflected on the year 2014, yet?  Was 2014 a good year for you?  It is time to sum up the year that went by!

Merry Christmas!

M. J. Mandoki