I organized a small book signing event for November 29th, 2014.  My original goal was to invite people from my neighbourhood to allow them the opportunity to get to know me better and to sell some books.  I did not know that I would gain a lot more out the event than I originally anticipated.

In addition to the book, entitled “The Curse”, that I was presenting, most people were curious to find out more about my future books.  Of course, I was well prepared; I had posters on my desk ready to show to them.  I explained that I had two books in the making.  My next book is entitled “Real Life Choices,” which is a collection of short stories.  The stories are about strange events my characters encounter.  These bizarre or unique events that anybody could potentially face in life test the psychological, mental or moral toughness of the characters.  My second project in the making is a novel called “The Art of Revenge”.  It is a story about a woman who takes revenge on her cheating husband’s mistress.  The clever wife has a rather unique plan to carry out her revenge.

I was stunned by the reaction I received.  Although I received praise and interest for both projects, it seemed that all my female visitors were naturally drawn to my second project.  They were all incredibly excited about getting to know my main character’s unique plan for revenge!  One lady in her eightieth explained her reason for her interest.  She said: “Don’t I know about this?!  When it happened to me, I wanted to drive down to Mexico and hire a hit man.  I just wasn’t sure whether I should have him or her killed!  So, how does your unique plan look like?”  I wasn’t certain how to answer her question at first because I had such an overwhelming desire to just burst into laughter.  A hit man? Really?  Basically, the ladies were interested in revenge, wanting to gather ideas to deal with their bitter life experiences.  So, watch out, guys!  The ladies are very interested in getting back at you and your mistress, if you step out on them!

During the book signing, I realized that there was a valuable lesson to be learned.  Surely, I wanted people to get to know me better and buy my book.  However, a book signing is more than just an opportunity for me to give; it is also an opportunity to gain; this time, excellent feedback on my upcoming projects.  Seeing the ladies’ reaction, I know now that I am better off hurrying up and finishing my second project.  Valuable lesson gained!  By the way, since the book signing, I have had several offers from women to portray my main character, Georgia, on the cover of my book!

I still can’t get over it!  Ladies, are we seriously that revengeful by nature?Phone pictures 104

M. J. Mandoki